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Thirty years ago today, the plot to The Breakfast Club happened.(The theatrical release wouldn’t happen until the next year) In the John Hughes film, 5 teenagers from totally different high school cliques are forced to spend a Saturday detention together. Spoiler alert, they find out they are totally the same. The film has gone on to become a classic, often appearing near the top of lists that feature “best 80s” and “best high school” movies.

Here are 3 things about The Breakfast Club you don’t need to know.

1. John Hughes makes a Stan Lee style cameo 

Way before Stan Lee started making split second cameos in his Marvel superhero mega blockbusters, John Hughes did it first in his coming of age cult classics. You may have missed it but Hughes plays Brian’s dad in the film, picking him up after school. Actually, Hughes’ large glasses and mullet make it more of a “Stephen King” style cameo.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.19.55 PM


2. The film was shot entirely in sequence.

Filming began on March 28th and ended in May of 1984. You can see this by paying special attention to the exterior scenes at the beginning and ending of the movie. The trees and bushes are bare in the morning  and when they get out at the end of the day, the foliage is already starting to grow. What a long day indeed!

No buds.

No buds.




3. Judd Nelson was 26 at the time of filming. Molly Ringwald was 16.

This scene is now ruined for you.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.37.43 PM


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